Introduction to Zeus Malware

Introduction to Zeus Malware


Zeus is the name of a malware written by expert cyber criminals for stealing Banking and Financial information from their victims. The family of Zeus Malware has been under extensive upgrades and multiple variants are currently active in the wild. This is due to Zeus's developers decided to Open-Source their masterpiece and give every other cyber-criminals a chance to develop their own version with unique abilities.

Zeus Malware steals banking and financial information by eavesdropping on the victims' browser and web-surfing activity to monitor and grab their interesting input data. Then, Zeus needs to know the form and pattern of the interesting information in the first place, which is why some local banking systems and Credit Cards aren't affected.

But, as Zeus being an Open-Source Malware for a while, Cyber Criminals can develop and improve special Zeus variants to target specific banking and financial systems.

Then what we can do to prevent from infection?

  • Avoiding from opening or executing attachements in Spams or Suspecious emails
  • Avoiding from entering suspecious websites or clicking unknown links
  • Fight with Pop-ups using related Anti Pop-up plugins in your browser
  • Keep your system and softwares up-to-date
  • Avoid from enabling Macros in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Use Anti-Virus and Firewalls and keeping them up-to-date
  • Do not open or execute unkhown files without scanning them first
  • Heed to security concerns and do not give/use your personal information to/in unknown websites or personnel
  • Use complex and hard-to-break passwords and change them often

And what should we do if we get infected?

  • Disable your network and isolate your infected/suspicious system and movable devices
  • Scan your system with Anti-Virus or other related softwares