Tourism Sim card

Tourism Sim card

Tourism SIM Cards

Tourism SIM cards have been developed with the goal of easy, fast and inexpensive accessibility of the passengers travelling to Iran to the MCI mobile services. These SIM cards have been defined align with the needs of different types pf tourism including Iran tourism, pilgrimage and commercial trips and based on the passengers various demands of conversation, SMS, high speed internet as well as their stay duration in Iran.
The requirement for this service is that the user's mobile should not be exclusively specified to an operator (Bundle).

Terms of Tourism SIM Cards Purchase

The purchase and registration of tourism SIM cards is done only through the Passport and every user can have 3 activated SIM cards at the same time.

How to make a call

In order to make an outgoing international call, the international country code must be added at the beginning of the destination phone number.

For instance: 0098912123456789 or +98912123456789

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