The Dreamy USIM

The Dreamy USIM


From 2019/01/21 to 2020/01/20 (a one-year period), all prepaid and postpaid subscribers swapping to USIM and starting using 4G for the first time will have the chance to win an especial promotional offer. This promotional offer is a Dreamy USIM that provides free data usage for one year.

The plan features
  • To win a dreamy USIM, the subscriber needs to:
  • wap to USIM in the plan period,
  • Use a 4G enabled handset, and
  • Start using 4G data in the plan period.
  • he process that determines winners uses the random numbers method and there will be 1000 Dreamy USIM winners during the plan period.
  • If a subscriber wins a Dreamy USIM, they will be informed by an SMS on first 4G use.
  • Subscribers can ask if their USIM is a Dreamy USIM by a USSD code.

How to activate the plan?

The plan does not need to be activated. If the subscriber swaps to USIM and starts using 4G data at the plan period, they will be part of the plan.

Communication portal:
Requirement USSD
Dreamy USIM query *10*390#
  • There is a fair usage limit for the plan. In case of crossing the limit, the subscriber will be informed and their plan will be deactivated.
  • If the subscriber's data usage crosses the fair usage limit, he/she can buy and use ordinary data plans.
  • If the USIM ownership is changed, the Dreamy USIM plan will be deactivated.
  • Winners will be announced monthly at the MCI portal.