About Mci Internet (NOTRINO)

About Mci Internet (NOTRINO)


Important announcement

internet is the registered trademark for 3G, 4G, and 4.5G MCI mobile internet which has several advantages compared to the former generation (2G). Unlike 2G which was a voice-based service, internet is based on data service and enables high-speed internet and multimedia communication

What is the origin of internet name?

Neutrino is a fundamental particle with highly small mass which travels with near light speed. Neutrinos are spectacular particles scattered throughout the universe and can travel long distances through the substance with no barriers as they have little interaction with other particles. Neutrino is represented by Greek letter . MCI has changed the word Neutrino to internet for ease of pronunciation.

internet enables you to:

  • Connect to internet with high speed and high reliability while stationary or moving
  • Make video calls via applications
  • Download videos and video streaming on cell phone
  • Access to applications conveniently
  • Send and receive high volumes of data
  • Easy access to applications
  • Play online games
  • Access to value added content with higher speed

What are internet requirements?

To use internet:

  • You have to be in a coverage area of internet network. For information about the cities covered by the network click here.
  • Your cell phone has to be 3G or 4G enabled. To make sure you can check the user manual of your phone or its network settings

How to activate internet?

You may know that:

  • Both prepaid and contract SIM subscribers can use internet
  • You can use internet without activating a internet package. However it is recommended to purchase and activate internet packages in order to save costs.
  • Appearance of 3G, H and H+ signs on your cell phone screen means that you are using 3G internet.
  • Appearance of 4G and LTE symbols on your cell phone screen shows the connection through 4G internet.

There is no need to change your SIM card to use 3G internet.