Policy management systems Organization

Policy management systems Organization


Along with its vision to be "the most admired company in Iran", MCI sets the highest priority to achieve customer satisfaction. MCI mission is to "provide innovative mobile communication services and solutions", while accomplishing organizational values including faith, trust, honesty, knowledge and skill, effort and diligence, excellence and improvement, and honor; and in compliance with law and regulations, common telecommunication standards and technologies, and using cutting-edge technology in the world. To achieve customer satisfaction, MCI has developed its management policies in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, GSM, IEEE, ITU, 3GPP, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 26000, ISO 10002, and ISO 10015 standards.

The objectives of MCI management policies are:

  • To excel in providing valuable mobile services and products for all Iranians
  • To ensure full satisfaction of all the stakeholders, and effective, on-time accountability to respond to customers' needs
  • To create a safe, dynamic and innovative environment for professional development of employees
  • To interact effectively with commercial partners based on mutual trust and cooperation
  • To identify and mitigate risk factors for workplace hazards and injuries by applying regulations, standards, and knowledge by regular comprehensive trainings on workplace safety standards and procedures.
  • to continuously identify and reduce environmental pollution causes and to ensure minimum utilization of natural resources and energy in full alignment with law, regulations, and standards
  • To excel in responsibility and accountability in mobile communication industry, and to ensure implementing national and international standards on companies social responsibility
  • To implement, institutionalize and continuously improve processes and standards of management systems in all activities and organizational levels by developing and implementing strategies and continuous monitoring of qualitative and quantitative indices and effective utilization of information technologies
  • To identify, utilize and promote new guidelines and technologies in mobile communications industry by effective interaction with international standardization centers and national quality hubs

Hereby, I express my commitment to provide and monitor requirements in order to increase effectiveness of management systems. All MCI employees should follow these guidelines and engage in executing plans in order to achieve the objectives.