What is TelFi?

TelFi is MCI's Wi-Fi calling service enabling MCI subscribers to make and receive a phone call through any Wi-Fi connection. By installing TelFi application, instead of using the carrier's network connection, subscribers can stay connected to the MCI network via a Wi-Fi network. In other words, with TelFi on your phone, you will stay connected using your home Wi-Fi connection, or any Wi-Fi hotspot you happen to be on when you're out and about, such as at a cafe or library or even in an airplane! It's like a regular phone call, and you still use the same phone numbers, call logs and call dialer screen, without using any other application.

What are its advantages?
  • No roaming fees while you are abroad
  • Any Wi-Fi network works as MCI network so you can feel at home wherever you are!
  • Having TelFi on your phone is enough for a call! There is no need for your calling or called party to have TelFi on her/his phone.
  • Useful when you're in an area with weak carrier coverage
  • Have a high-quality call
  • No need to use any other application, just make a call as before
How to use it?

Using TelFi is quite straight forward, you only need to make sure that TelFi is installed on your phone and you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Note that
  • Only MCI subscribers can activate TelFi
  • LTE service needs to be activated while installing TelFi, which means you need to have a USIM. In the case of old version Sim card, you are able to easily change it to USIM and enjoy LTE cutting-edge technology.
  • The priority for making and receiving a call while you have TelFi on your phone is with the application. In order to change this setting, you are able to pause TelFi services using the application's setting page.
TelFi Privacy Policy

Regarding MCI value to be a Confident Companion, we are hardwired to protect our customers' information. Consequently, TelFi obeys strong privacy policies safeguarding its users.

What does TelFi Collect?

  • Your account information: TelFi uses your phone number mentioned on your contract form you had filled while registering on MCI. As mentioned in the contract, this MSISDN is confidential.
  • Your usage and log Information: TelFi gather service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This may include information about your network registration, connection, log files, and diagnostic, crash, and performance logs and reports.
  • Your device information: TelFi collects device-related information when you register on network and use TelFi. This includes device model name, Operation system, IP addresses, and location. No doubt, the location data will be collected under MCI strike security policies complied with the initial MCI contract .

What does TelFi do with these information?

In order to provide our customers with quality services, set up a secured and authenticated connection, troubleshoot and develop application performance, mentioned data is collected; however, it is designed to ask for minimum data required. Furthermore, as TelFi is providing the MCI's traditional voice service on Wi-Fi, all information collected will be under the initial MCI contract.