Security Announcement about joining telegram’s bots

Security Announcement about joining telegram’s bots

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Robots are telegram accounts that operate through software and work Automatically. Each robot is a telegram user designed and operated for a particular purpose. These robots, automatically and 24 hours a day, are able to offer numerous features and services for sending requests to their users, according to the capabilities they are programmed for.

If we look at robots from a technical point of view, robots are telegram users specializing in messaging through a platform called the bot API and sending requests from the HTTPS protocol.

As security aspect only messages that are defined and meaningful to the robot are processed. On the other hand, because of the limitations of the memory of the robots, all the messages that are processed, after a while, will be erased from the cloud memory on the server, and the telegram will claim that the messages will never be on the server. In case of collecting information such as messages and phone numbers, the robot designer does not have direct access to them, and all of this information is transmitted through the encrypted protocol of the telegram to the middleware server and is processed and stored there.

Recently, we are faced with the rising of telegram robots. based on the type of services they provide, they are divided to training robots, game robots, search robots, media robots, robots Hobbies, sports robots and so on. Recently, these bots have been encouraged to join them with promises like free charging, unpaid prizes, free internet downloads, and so on. The steps to joining these bots are different. Some of these bots ask for information such as name, mobile number,telephone number, and more. There is doubt about the possibility of misuse of the information sent to these bots, but this information is considered to be confidential information of users. therefore, In this way it is recommended to the subscribers, join to the bots if only if it is needed and also have enough attention about joining unknown groups and bots and subsequently the information which is requested.