Security warnings about Saham –e- Edalat

Security warnings about Saham –e- Edalat


In May of this year, after the government announced the possibility of releasing and selling part of the "Saham –e- Edalat" by the government, profiteers abused this news and announced the design of fraudulent methods, and some holders of shares of justice suffered financial losses.

According to cyber police, many lawsuits have been filed in this regard so far. Therefore, public awareness and vigilance in this regard can prevent the occurrence of new cases.

Given that these scams are mainly done via SMS and on the mobile phone platform, so the following security recommendations have been provided in this regard:

  • Liberalization of "Saham –e- Edalat" does not require payment and can be done for free within the time period announced by the authorities. Therefore, refrain from paying in order to release the "Saham –e- Edalat" in any way. Sending text messages from various censuses in the name of the Privatization Organization or the Central Depository Company with the content of payment in order to release the "Saham –e- Edalat" is fake.
  • At present, it is possible for the government to sell some of thes. This possibility is available only through the offices of reputable brokerages or declared branches of banks, and any text message or phone call about the rapid sale of "Saham –e- Edalat" is fraudulent.
  • It is currently not possible to register new people to receive "Saham –e- Edalat". Therefore, if you receive a phone call or text message with the content of payment in exchange for receiving "Saham –e- Edalat", refuse to pay.
  • If you need to change and edit information in the field of "Saham –e- Edalat", refer only to the websites and , and if you receive a text message containing the link, first make sure the link is correct.