Awareness of phone and SMS scams

Awareness of phone and SMS scams

Warning: Beware of unknown and erroneous text messages

Inserting advertisements in various forms is not a reason for their accuracy, so it is similar to counterfeit pages with the main address of bank sites, etc., to encourage the user to enter and enter the password (phishing). Sending text messages followed by phone calls from fraudsters about winning various lotteries, including Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rightel, radio or television programs, especially the news of the past few days about WhatsApp calls, to buy or deposit money To deceive citizens and make them eager to receive prizes and gifts is one of the tricks of fraudsters in attracting and directing their prey to ATMs and emptying their bank accounts.

But how to deal with such unknown requests?

First, unsolicited text messages requesting the transfer of money to the card numbers of non-individuals were unreliable and, in such cases, precautions had to be taken. As security and police experts have repeatedly warned, it's a good idea to contact people who call your mobile number and introduce themselves as radio and television presenters, public relations companies, or mobile phone operators, and claim to be very good at paying for a phone. They put your number in the banknote and you win, millions of dollars or travel expenses to the holy shrines or Karbala, and by deceiving you, they invite you to go to ATMs to transfer money. Fraudulent and misleading actions Participation fees are charged to your account.

So don't pay attention to text messages and phone calls from strangers who try to deceive you with unrealistic and provocative words and suggestions, and remind other family members as well. Refrain from accepting telephone or face-to-face requests from unknown individuals regarding any banking operations, such as transferring money from card to card and providing the first and second passwords of the bank pass card, etc. separately. Keep in mind that it is enough to deposit money into the account, card number, account number or bank account number, and there is no need for the first and second password of the card, the expiration date of the card and the Cvv2 code.

If you have been asked for confidential passwords from a particular center, such as "Hamrah-e-Awal" or similar, contact the relevant system immediately before any delay, and as soon as you receive any text messages and phone calls from unknown and unofficial sources, you will win the lottery. And requesting a card-to-card transfer via ATMs, be sure to discuss the matter with the police or relevant experts.