Identify more than 30 malware applications in Iranian app market

Identify more than 30 malware applications in Iranian app market


According to Bitbaan security experts, 35 android applications published in Iranian app market contain malware. These programs have been active in the field of meteorology and have been installed more than 130,000 times by subscribers.

The table below shows information about these programs:

Row Name Address in Market
1 هواشناسی
2 هواشناسی پیشرفته
3 اب و هوای ایران
4 هواشناسی مناطق
5 هواشناسی پیشرفته
6 هواشناسی
7 هواشناسی پیشرفته
8 هواشناسی پیشرفته
9 آب و هوا
10 هواشناسی 2018
11 هواشناسی پیشرفته
12 هواشناسی پیشرفته
13 هواشناسی
14 هواشناسی پیشرفته
15 هواشناسی پیشرفته
16 هواشناسی فوق پیشرفته دقیق
17 هواشناسی هوشمند
18 هواشناسی فوق پیشرفته
19 هواشناسی هوشمند
20 هواشناسی پیشرفته و دقیق
21 هواشناسی
22 هواشناسی پیشرفته و دقیق
23 هواشناسی پیشرفته
24 هواشناسی پیشرفته
25 هواشناسی
26 هواشناسی نسیم
27 پیش بینی دقیق آب و هوا
28 هواشناسی پیشرفته
29 هواشناسی
30 هواشناسی پیشرفته و هوشمند
31 هواشناسی پیشرفته
32 تقویم و هواشناسی
33 هواشناسی اپلکس
34 هواشناسی
35 هواشناسی پیشرفته و دقیق
36 هواشناسی پیشرفته

These programs can take unwanted and sometimes destructive actions using push notification sending services. These activities include:

  • Open the link
  • Download and install other applications
  • Display dialog
  • Open specific pages on messengers and social networks such as Telegram and Instagram
  • View image
  • Hide the app

If the above applications are installed on your mobile phone, proceed to remove the applications.
Following security recommendations plays an important role in preventing contamination of this or other malware:

  • Install the required programs from reputable sources such as Google Play Store and App Store
  • Install valid anti-malware tools and continuously update them
  • Activate the Google Play Protect feature in the Android operating system
  • Pay attention to the accesses obtained by the programs installed on the mobile phone and match the accesses with the type of activity of the programs
  • Pay attention to the description of the program, the number of installed and other users' comments before installing the programs