The introduction of malware calljam on Google play

The introduction of malware calljam on Google play


CallJam Android Malware has recently discovered by Security consultants check point through Gems Chest for Clash Royale game that could affect Android OS and eventually the victim of extortion.

Affected Systems and Products

All versions of android operating systems are susceptible by the regarded malware

  • Unauthorized calls
  • Extorting money from victims

CallJam redirects victims to malicious websites in which fraudulent revenue for the attacker is generated. The mentioned app also displays fraudulent ads on these websites instead of displaying them directly on the device.

Before it can make premium calls, the app requests permission from the user. As illustrated in previous similar attacks, most users grant permissions willingly, often without reading or fully understanding information about the permissions they are granting. The C&C server then sends CallJam a command with a targeted premium phone number and the desired length of the call. Then after, it initiates a call using the parameters provided, generating potentially large revenues for the attackers.

Some Android users who downloaded the infected game noticed this strange activity.

As many as 500,000 people have downloaded the malicious app since someone first uploaded it to the Google Play Store back in May 2016.

Temporary Solution:
  • Only install trusted antivirus on device
  • Be careful about choosing permissions that application required for installing
  • A review of feedback from users who have installed the application.
  • Install updated and trusted antivirus on devices that can detect this malware.