Unauthorized camera using in the Instagram iOS app

Unauthorized camera using in the Instagram iOS app


With the unveiling of version 14 of iOS at WWDC 2020, Apple has shown that privacy is very important to the company. The new iOS, in addition to showing apps that have access to the iPhone's clipboard memory, shows the user when a app uses the camera or mobile microphone by displaying green dots in the device status bar.

Unauthorized camera using in the Instagram iOS app

Over the past week, some users have posted on social media after installing the beta version of iOS 14 on their iPhone that after opening the Instagram app, a green dot indicating the app's use of the camera will appear on top of their iPhone. This happens even when the user is not using the camera in this application. In general, this green dot should be displayed when you use the camera in this application, for example to post or story. The display of this green dot indicates that the application is using the iPhone camera in the background.

camera," they said. An Instagram spokesperson also said that the Instagram app did not have access to the camera in the reported samples and that no content was recorded by the camera.

However, the owner of Instagram, Facebook, does not have a good track record in protecting users' information. These include the disclosure of user information as well as the company's fines in many countries for violating users' privacy.

As more information is not yet available on the true nature of this issue, users can prevent security problems by blocking the Instagram app's access to the camera and providing this access for those in need.

The iOS 14 version is currently in beta for installation, and the original version of the operating system will be available to all users this fall.