Instagram's social network applications

Instagram's social network applications

Instagram's social network applications

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in I.R.Iran. Plenty of apps have been published on the Intagrams, featuring "Falloweryab," "Likes," "unafallowyab," and similar titles for additional services provided by Instagram users. As the name suggests, the purpose of the program is mainly to get follower and likes and... for Instagram users. In this report, which was developed by the quest center, details of the performance of these plans are described.

In the survey, more than 200 Android apps that offer Instagram-related services were collected from internal markets. Around 100 applications for service delivery required the user to log in to the Instagram account. Among these programs, more than 50 bogus users were identified. These programs extracted the User Instagram username and password in different ways and sent it to the developer's server. According to the statistics of the installments of these programs, the information about more than one million Instagram users in Iran has been provided to the manufacturers of these programs.

Many other programs (out of 100 applications), even though they assured users that they did not have access to the password, were using the methods to extract the password. For these programs, there was no evidence of sending a program to your server, which is why they are not listed in the list of thieves. The results of the review of these programs are presented in the second report. Unfortunately, out of about 100 reviewed applications, roughly half of them were robbers, and most of the remaining programs also extracted the minimum Instagram password (although no evidence of complete robbery was found), and in this regard, these programs are at a high overall risk and It's best to have a closer look at Android stores before publishing such programs (which require the inclusion of an Instagram account).

It should be noted that in this research, all Android applications for domestic markets were not examined, and only a set of 200 programs were sampled for analysis. As a result, there are probably other robberies in the markets.

The report has been compiled in three parts, linking these reports as follows:

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Methods of Infection Prevention

The following recommendations can play a significant role in preventing the infection of mobile phones.

Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources
given that many problems for mobile phone users arise from downloading and installing applications from insecure resources, consider to download the required applications only from well-known and trusted sources like Google Play Store and App Store.

Consider permissions required from the application to be installed

During installation of android applications, they request some permissions to be accepted by the user. It is very important to prevent installing if it requires more permissions than needed; considering the functionality it provides (based on malware's developer declares about the application).

Install anti-virus software and update it periodically

in recent years, the widespread prevalence of malware and viruses on android mobile devices caused many problems for smart phone users, so installing an anti-virus program is one of the essentials to prevent the android devices to be infected and malwares to be spread.
also notice that always use a trusted and reliable anti-virus program and update it periodically to detect newly released malwares as soon as possible.