Ensure lack contamination of the Apps on mobile phone

Ensure lack contamination of the Apps on mobile phone

The use of original apps

The use of programs and non-original apps can cause many problems for mobile owners, and note that there is a possibility of copying from the original apps and programs that may be malicious and lead to be infected with mobile phones , so be sure to check their originality for downloading and installing any apps on their phones

Do not download from Invalid sources

Considering the many problems for mobile phone users about downloading and installing applications from invalid resources, it is noted that to download the required programs on mobile phones only through well-known and trusted sources including the App Store Google Play, Bazaar Action do.

Install anti-virus and update it

Since the widespread spread of malware and viruses on mobile phones in recent years has caused many problems for the owners of these phones, installing anti-virus programs is one of the essential things to prevent the phone from infecting and spreading malware.

Also, in using these apps, keep in mind that you always use credible anti-virus programs and make sure that you always have the correct virus tracking process on your phone by updating them for these programs.

Virus Search System

With up to 10 anti-virus updates, this system can detect suspicious files. You can upload a file to the system when it encounters a suspicious file on the Internet or your computer or receive a suspicious attachment, and see its scanning results by various anti-virus software.

It should be noted that the security and confidentiality system of the downloaded files is reserved and the anti-virus is executed completely offline, in which case you can ensure that no programs are infected on your phone.

Checking the applications code

After reviewing the technical details of the files of these programs, it is important to note that the official version of the app is often different in some applications. The main reason for these differences is the type of access because of some additional features and promotional features. Accesses that need to be defined and used in some cases due to the use of pre-installed third-party modules

Check Hash MD5 Apps

File hashing is a way to summarize data, which performs one-off summarizing operations, and there is practically no common way to restore the original data that can be used to ensure the correctness of files and programs and even secure data storage. And to compute it, it's necessary to visit reputable sites and compare the original hash of the program with a hash of the installed on the mobile phone.