Malicious emails with corona virus issue

Malicious emails with corona virus issue


According to the observation in cyberspace and due to the spread of Corona virus, emails with content in this regard are being published and received by users which are mostly malicious. These malicious activities include phishing, installing malicious files and stealing information.

For example, the following email was sent under the name and title of the World Health Organization (WHO).

‫Malicious emails with corona virus issue‬‬‬

The content of the email tells you to click on the link provided for safety instructions. By clicking the link above, the user will be redirected to a page requesting their email account information (including username and password).

Malicious emails with corona virus issue

If the user enters his/her information in this form, the attacker will have access to the user's email account.
In another case, the attacker encourages the user to download and execute the file by sending an email containing a text file (Word or PDF file) and announcing that the file contains safety instructions. This attachment is infected with malware and if executed, it can infect the user's computer, which can have many destructive effects.

To reduce the risk of receiving such emails, please consider the email sender's address before opening attachments or links in the email. Before opening the attachments, scan them with up-to-date anti-virus tools and make sure they are not infected. Also, do not enter your account information in any form other than the email login home page.