Don’t Pay Extra

Don’t Pay Extra


With the growing number of smartphones, software applications that uses attractive advertisement grow too. Thus, customers are encouraged by regarded software applications in order to purchase them which is regarded as one of the most significant types of social engineering attacks.

In the mentioned attacks, It is claimed that MCI Telecommunication Company subscriber databases are totally accessible by these applications due to the claimed hack. Consequently, based on the claimed hack, data can be fetched from operators' databases including MCI databases. As a result, by hacking the operator's data, various services can be provided by these sorts of applications.

This unit dismisses the above claim and inform all the subscribers that there is no such applications. Services which are provided by these kinds of applications are the services that already provided by MCI Telecommunication Company without paying any fee.

In Fact, these applications provide nothing more than services that are freely provided by mobile operators.

Some samples of attractive ads and headlines that provided by such applications is given below:

Here are some additional services which are available at MCI Company for MCI clients' kind considerations:

  • Billing of sim cards
  • Mobile serial number checking
  • Installment Billing
  • Internet charging of debit sim card
  • Detecting of stolen sim cards
  • MCI operator voice messengers