Telegram MTProxy Servers Used to DDoS Iranian Cloud Provider

Telegram MTProxy Servers Used to DDoS Iranian Cloud Provider


Due to the restriction of telegram usage, users of this software have attempted to access these messengers through a variety of methods, one of which is MTProxy, which is described below:

The MTProto protocol was designed by telegram developer Nikolai Dwarf and the brother of Paul Dwarf, founder of Telegram FZ LLC to create a secure and fast telegram connection. The telegram has designed an MTProto-based proxy called MTProxy, in which, in addition to encrypting all messages, it connects users to the telegram server through another server in a secure environment.

How DDoS Attacks or Distributed Service Ban Abuse MTProxy:

DoS and DDoS attacks are one of the most dangerous and serious attacks on the Internet, with the goal of disabling the desired server and service. These attacks by sending data packets to the victim that drown the victim's network or processing capacity in the packets and prevent users and customers from accessing the service. The purpose of these proxies is to direct outbound traffic to telegram servers so that users can access the messenger without filtering restrictions.

The disadvantage of this service is that it automatically redirects outbound traffic to a specific destination and IP address through this proxy, so that a large amount of attacks can be made through users' phones. Such attacks only apply to similar media messages (Golden Telegram, Mobogram, Hotgram, ...) and given that in Iran due to telegram filtering, a large volume of users have access to these messages. Widespread attacks are taking place in Iran.