Clash_Hack Mobile Malware

Clash_Hack Mobile Malware


The malware is being released through a Clash_hack file called "Clash of Clans" in the virtual online game. The malware is for Android mobile phones, and there is no sign of its connection to the Clash of Clans. In fact, this malware is a type of spyware and malware. Among the spyware activities of this malware can be referred to the server for the following:

  • IMEI number
  • Mobile information such as installed version of operating system
  • Installed Application information
  • Information about the contact list and their contact information
    After sending the above information to server, the malware attempted to show successive ads to the user.
Symptoms of contamination

The malware will appear in the list of installed apps after being installed on a mobile device, called "Google Play Services". On Android, a valid app with the same name is installed by default. Therefore, the existence of two "Google Play Services" programs on the mobile phone means infecting by this malware.

Methods of Clearing Mobile Infected

for removing the malware that comes with the fake Google Play Services name on the phone, you can eliminate the infection. Of course, due to the existence of two instances of the program with this same name, there is a need to identify the infected version. To identify the infected version, you can refer to the installation source of two programs with the same name. The original program is installed and validated through Google Play. Another way to clean an infected mobile phone is to use anti-virus software.

Methods of Pollution Prevention

The following recommendations can play a significant role in preventing the pollution of mobile phones.

  • Do not download and install applications from invalid sources
    Considering the many problems for mobile phone users about downloading and installing applications from invalid resources, it is noted that to download the required programs on mobile phones only through well-known and trusted sources including the App Store Google Play, Bazaar Action do.
  • Install anti-virus software and update it successive
    Since the widespread spread of malware and viruses on mobile phones in recent years has caused many problems for the owners of these phones, installing anti-virus programs is one of the essential things to prevent the phone from infecting and spreading malware.

Also, in using these apps, keep in mind that you always use credible anti-virus programs and make sure that you always have the correct virus tracking process on your phone by updating them for these programs.