Android Malware Removal Manual

Android Malware Removal Manual


In this article, you will learn how to remove some Android malware and anonymous applications.

  • Turn off the cell phone if there is a possibility of malware infection

    If you suspect malware on your mobile phone, turn off your cell phone to prevent the spread of potential malware. Turning off your mobile phone allows you to learn more about recently installed apps. You may also have recently received a malicious link in a variety of ways that has infected your mobile phone. You may also need to use anti-malware applications. In all of the above situations, you need to turn off your cell phone first and then follow the next steps.

  • Launch the cell phone in safe/emergency mode.

    Enter Safe Mode when you turn on your mobile phone. Entering safe mode is different on different cell phones. To know how to enter this mode, you can enter your mobile phone model in search engines and learn the steps.
    Working in a secure environment will help limit the damage that an infected program can do.

  • Go to Settings and find the app.

    Enter your mobile settings. The setting usually has a gear icon.

    In the Settings section, enter the Applications section. Look for a list of all your current plans. You may need to select the application manager to find the complete list of applications. After entering the applications section, look for the malicious application you are looking for.

  • Remove the infected program and other suspicious items.

    After finding the desired application, simply select the delete option and your Android device should delete the desired application. Also, review your list of installed applications and remove other suspicious installed applications.

  • Install a valid anti-malware application.

    Every Android device needs anti-malware applications to protect against malware. However, be careful in choosing the anti-malware used. Some so-called anti-malware applications do not work well and sometimes even malicious themselves. Therefore, first research the anti-malware application and then proceed with the installation.