What are the advantages of Enterprise SIM cards over the regular ones?

Enterprise SIM cards are delivered and activated in one single package, based on the requirements of the Enterprises. These SIM cards are available to the enterprises in bulk and preferred prices. They also have several advantages including the potentiality of being registered under the corporate ownership, possibility of offering contiguous numbers and capability of restricting the contacts. In addition, this type of SIM cards also have the possibility of aggregated bill to be offered.

Are the Enterprise SIM cards postpaid or prepaid type?

Enterprise SIM cards can be both postpaid (with or without deposit) and prepaid.
Enterprise Postpaid SIM card with deposit
This type of SIM card has been offered to the MCI clients since 1973 when MCI network was established. The owners of these SIM cards can use MCI base services such as voice, SMS and etc., subject to leaving a deposit with MCI at the time of purchasing SIM card and they can pay their bill at the end of billing period. It is obviously, the amount (in Iranians Rials) for the usage of services offered by this type of SIM card, considering the initial amount of the deposit, will be more than the postpaid type without the deposit.

Enterprise Postpaid SIM card without deposit
This type of SIM card has no preliminary deposit and the statement for the usage of the services will be issued to the clients at the end of each period for ceiling amount of Rials 350,000. The users of such SIM cards should be willing to increase their credit for each statement period; they can refer to the customer service offices and make a request for credit increase. The owners of these SIM cards can also use other services of MCI such as Voice mail, SMS and etc.

Prepaid SIM Card
The clients of this type of SIM cards can top up their account credit and benefit from all services, available in MCI network.

What are the terms and conditions for purchasing corporate SIM cards?

The request should be submitted by a corporate or enterprise along with required documents.

How many SIM cards can each enterprise purchase?

Currently there is no restriction concerning the number of the corporate SIM cards being purchased and they can purchase as many as they require.

In what ways Enterprise SIM cards can be purchased?

For the purchase request of more than 45 Enterprise SIM cards, companies shall submit an official request printed on the company's letter heads along with the contact information to the MCI Business Services.

For the purchase of Max. 45 Enterprise SIM cards, it is essential that the company's representative refers to one of the sales channels in Tehran or other cities, having required documents in hand.

What are required documents to purchase Enterprise SIM cards?

Copy of the establishment notification in the official registration newspaper and company's most recent changes notification
Economic and National ID
Original letter introducing company's fully authorized representative printed on the company's letter head, signed and sealed by the authorized signatory.
Copy of the company's representative's national ID card
Address and postal code of the company

Can the Enterprise SIM card be purchased through online?

No. currently online purchase of Enterprise SIM card does not exist. However, enterprises can submit their purchase inquiries through MCI website.

Is there the choice of choosing the number, when purchasing the Enterprise SIM card?

This option is subject to the availability of the numbers. If the numbers are available, they will be provided to enterprises.

How long would be required for the Enterprise SIM card become activated?

Enterprise SIM card are activated at the time of purchase by the shop representative.

How MCI business sales department can be contacted?

The contact numbers are +98 (21) 81715624 and +98 (21) 88208501. Also enterprise e-mail address is b2b@mci.ir