Enterprise SIM Cards

Enterprise SIM Cards


MCI as the first Iranian mobile operator with the broadest network coverage in Iran, in addition to its current offered services, provides enterprises with different kinds of postpaid and prepaid SIM cards in an integrated way.

Due to the important role of employees in making constructive relationships with their business partners and customers, possessing an organizational SIM card will be considered as a way to improve and enhance the relationship with customers as well as preventing the corporate image to be damaged by employee's resignation or rotation. Others applications and benefits of this service are as below:

  • Mass offering and activation of SIM cards.
  • Offering competitive prices on purchase of enterprise SIM cards.
  • Providing sequential Numbers / Special MSISDNs.
  • Offering different bundles of Voice, SMS and data.

Moreover, enterprises can benefit from enterprise aggregated bill, increasing the credit limit, credit allocation and enterprise bulk top-up services on these SIMs card.

Enterprise Aggregated Bill

This service has been provided for enterprise's managers and employees who are considered as high-usage consumers, with the possibility of increasing their credit limit. This service can be implemented for different levels of service termination for each or group of numbers and its associated costs can be paid in an outright way. Other applications and benefits of this service are as below:

  • Prevention of service termination for employees on roaming usage.
  • Prevention of service termination for high-usage consumers.
  • Outright payment of all associated costs.
Credit Allocation

By providing credit allocation service, MCI business services make it possible for enterprises to allocate specified amount of credit (considers as subscriber credit) to its employees and equipment for their communication usage including voice, SMS and data. One of the objectives of this service is simplifying the payment process of employees communication costs who use their MCI postpaid SIMs for organizational tasks. The main advantage of credit allocation service is the capability of group payment in one bill every time that enterprise uses this service. Other applications and benefits of this service are as below:

  • Credit allocation to suspended phone numbers (one-way disconnected or two-way disconnected).
  • Using the service more than one time in a bill cycle.
  • No time restriction in using allocated credit.
Enterprise Bulk Top-up

This service provides a dedicated portal/ panel in which enterprise customers can buy top-up for their prepaid SIM cards and manage their communication costs in a more efficient way. These enterprise customers will benefit from grouping all their numbers in the portal, instant bulk top-up (up to 1000 SIM card by a click), set up scheduled top-up and smart top-up for any determined group. In smart bulk top-up, after grouping numbers, the ones reaching their specified threshold will be topped-up automatically. Other applications and benefits of this service are as below:

  • Providing an internet based dedicated portal for managing prepaid SIM card.
  • Checking the credit of any list of prepaid SIM cards.
  • Ability to record and edit customer's information and creating enterprise phone book.