Enterprise Communication Plans

Enterprise Communication Plans


MCI's business services have offered its "Enterprise Communication Plans" which includes voice, data and SMS, due to provide a comprehensive solution for all types of customer's need. These communication plans are offered with enterprise preferential tariff, which enables enterprises to benefit from significant cost reduction in their communication expenses. Variety of these plans (based on volume and time) will enable enterprises to choose the appropriate plan accordingly.

MCI's "Promotion Plans" help enterprises to benefit from significant reduction in their communication costs, therefore they can enjoy considerable discounts on their calls/texts regardless of their usage amount. These discount rates are different based on number of SIM cards.

MCI's "Volume Plans" include specific amount of time and text offered in various volumes according to enterprise's communication needs.

Some benefits of using these types of plans for enterprises are as follow:

  • Helps enterprises to allocate funds in their budget more efficiently and enables them to choose a cost-effective plan for their communication.
  • Enables enterprises to choose "Bonus Plans" for employees as well as other communication plans.
  • Ability to issue aggregated bills in order to make the payment process more convenient for enterprise.
  • Ability to offer periodical reports for enterprises based on their usage or activated plans.
  • In addition to offered "Promotional/Volume Plans", MCI business services will provide enterprises with consultation in order to identify their specific needs for offering appropriate services.