Team Talk

Team Talk expands your business relations between internal company experts, external team, clients and the partners. This product empowers the organization held meetings, manage the cycle of negotiations and share private information. This product provides an integrated collaborated environment to respond to the needs of working teams inside and outside the company.

Team Talk features:
  • Integrated document management system
  • Messaging and file sharing
  • Work group creation
  • Audio and video conference
  • Calendars and events management
  • Integrated Task management
  • Simultaneously audio and video conferences with 20 people
  • Meeting management
  • Collaborative work on documents, sharing notes, coordinate timings and team work
  • Management of the conference room
  • The best video quality that suits the user's bandwidth
  • Cost reduction
  • Access to the service at any time and any place
  • Compatible with all operation system
  • Desktop version and mobile app
  • Cloud data base