AGAD (organization market survey)

AGAD (organization market survey)

AGAD (organization market survey)

One of the basic needs of any organization is to record accurate point of views of their customers. Knowing the characteristics of the ultimate buyers is the best possible way to fight against rivals and enable managers to confidently make decisions to carry out actions.

  • By enrollment and authentication the organization will access to the panel.
  • e organization has to register the application-specific code. In each application, number of questions and the duration of activation period and number of contributors allowed to participate in the survey will be determined.
  • The organization can purchase the package and charge the account.
  • The organization can design its own survey questions.

MCI subscribers can participate in organizations market survey through below ways:

  • Dial USSD code.
  • Install the application.
  • Signing into website.

Once Subscribers apply to participate in the survey, their views will be recorded and it is not possible to take a survey for the second time. Organizations also can monitor the process of carrying out their own surveys and make a report.

  • Deep understanding of the target market and determine ultimate users.
  • Determine marketing policies.
  • Explore new markets, expanding the consumption of existing products or services.
  • Reduce the risk of wrong decisions.
  • Predict the product demand in futures and avoid fluctuations in production.
  • Pay special attention to the social, psychological and emotional behavior of the final users.
  • Better communication with consumers.
  • Help managers make better decisions.