MCI Cloud

"Cloud" is MCI Business's searching service which helps enterprises to decrease their costs in IT sector and improve their organizational capabilities. "Cloud" with high level of safety, can accompany enterprise customers in three areas of business infrastructure, applications and IT based business development platforms.

Introduction to MCI's Data Centre

MCI Business's data center has been awarded with "Management of Information Security" certificate (ISO27001(ISMS)), Quality management system (ISO9001) and was ranked first in Supreme council of communication and information technology. Moreover, this data center has achieved Tier3 rank due to taking security measures including uninterruptable power supply, Cooling systems, Fire detection, monitoring and backup systems.

Advantages and applications:
  • Secure access to data center with international standard.
  • Significant reduction in IT department costs (related to dedicated space, network equipment and security, skillful human resource).
  • Easy access to MCI cloud.
  • Increase in information security and decrease risk rate for enterprise (backing up in a safe and available space).
  • Ability to be regulated and get promoted Immediately, being fast and reliable.
  • Providing aggregated bills.