Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Extend Communications Beyond the People, Through Your Equipment

Advancement in technology and systems intelligence related to various businesses justify the use the remote control mechanisms. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions wirelessly connect thousands of diverse devices to a network, enabling two-way communication. In this service, various devices with different applications transmit SMS, data orvoice throughthe mobile network to analyze, store ortrack based on business needs. In fact, it gives business assets the power to communicate directly with each other, automating day-to-day tasks that free up workforce to get on with more important business.

Applications and advantages:

Gathering and sharing information,including data related to transportation fleets, utility usage in domestic & industrial sectors, monitoring distribution channels via controlling geographical location of work forces, providing health services for patient and many other functions are examples of using M2M solutions.

Transmitting information wirelessly at its source - from a vehicle, instrument, house or business - and receiving valuable feedback not only automates manual processes, but also helps to streamline service provisioning and billing. Organizations connecting M2M devices to a network can quickly see the potential savings in time, cost and labor.

How MCI M2M Services Bring New Opportunities for Your Business?

Regarding wide coverage of GSM and GPRS network across Iran, MCI can provide secure, accurate and high quality M2M solutions via various mobile services such as voice, SMS & APN based on business needs and requests.

  • Voice
    Companies can take advantage of having sustainable and high quality communications, using voice services in various applications of M2M solutions such as calling systems of taxis, ambulances and other emergency services.
  • SMS
    Companies can take advantage of having fast and cheap quality communications, using voice services in various applications of M2M solutions such as transportation management system, health services, etc.
  • APN
    MCI APN solution provides fast and secure remote access to a company's private LAN network and information assets, through MCI GPRS network. Thus, based on this service, employees can access their corporate documents and any other business applications which will increase company's productivity and efficiency.

Defining Static IP to provide a secure LAN & using MCI Data SIM to decrease enterprise costs are recommended in this service.

Enterprises can use point to point connection or VPN for transferring their data to servers and organization transmission system. Also to transfer data between organization server and MCI network, leased line or radio transmission system can be used.