The First Companion of the Health

The First Companion of the Health


Based on the medical trend analyses, four primary causes of death in the world in 2030 will be heart failure (due to insufficient blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscles), stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and infections of the lower respiratory tract and mainly pneumonia. On a global scale, death of 7.4 millions of people due to cancer in 2004 will increase to 11.8 million in 2030 and mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases will increase from 17.1 million to 23.4 million. According to the latest statistics of recent studies published by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 80 percent cardiovascular disease occurs in countries with low and moderate-income. These statistics also suggest that almost half of cardiovascular disease in these countries occurs in the age group below 70 years and about a quarter of the cases occur in the age groups under 60 years of age. An interesting point is that to the age of 40, the risk of the heart disease between men is twice as women and as the age increases, this ratio decreases, and from age 55 onwards, the possibility of this disease in men and women is almost equal. The age of the patients with cardiovascular disease in Iran is much lower than the global statistics, however its rate among Iranian women is 3 to 4 times and among Iranian men 5 to 6 times more than the global statistics. On the other hand, for managing the health issues in the society and for every individual, it is essential to consider the risk factors of the individuals as well as the social risk factors and apply them to the evaluation and management approach:

Individual Risk Factors:
  • General risk factors: age, sex, race and genetic factors.
  • Behavioral risk factors: smoking, poor nutrition plan and sedentary.
  • Intermediate risk factors: high blood cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
Social Risk Factor:
  • Social and economic conditions: Type of job, family composition, poverty, level of income and lifestyle.
  • Environment: air and water pollution, housing, traffic and urbanism.
  • Cultural: education level, norms and values.

MCI is honored as the first operator being incumbent and largest mobile service provider in the country to announce that by using its modern mobile network infrastructure in one hand and the indigenous knowledge of Information Technology Engineering on the other hand, is ready to provide infrastructure network connectivity and availability, applications, software and systems required to deliver mobile health services under the title of "Hamraah-e-Avval-e-Salaamat" which means "The First Companion of the Health" is farsi, referring MCI's m-Health Services, and operate under the supervision of the country's legal guardians to monitor health by utilizing MCI's modern technologies for developing and promoting the health of the society using mobile handhelds connected to health database and utilizing health expert system and medical advisors through special call center.

MCI's Vision and Objectives for "MCI's m-Health Services"

The Vision of MCI is to create the most complete and efficient mobile based health advice system to coordinate and exchange information between patients and physicians and medical advisors. In this context, the major objectives include the followings:

  • Reduce medical costs.
  • Facilitate all times access to health care system by individuals.
  • Reduce the social costs caused by illness, disability or death.
  • Prevention of many diseases.
  • Ability to connect and exchange information with special medical tools and common standards and a variety of normal and smart phones.
  • Diversification and expansion of services to the community.
  • Within "MCI's m-Health Services" your Physician is the first who becomes aware of the status of your health, and not the last person whom you would go to him with pain and disease.
  • Healthy people measure their blood sugar, blood pressure and heartbeat rate at all times and send the information by SMS to the system. System calculates risks and makes changes in accordance with the standards and provides the physician with updated information.
  • Reminds the time for taking medications according to the instructions and other services.
Services and Facilities of "MCI's m-Health Services"
  • a.Preventive monitoring
    The purpose of preventive monitoring is to have individual's vital signs monitored by a physician and if the vital signs were outside the limit specified by the physician, medical recommendations or instructions sent to the individual or ask the person to see her/ his physician.
  • b.Monitoring of Diabetes
    The number of patients with diabetes is increasing by 200 thousand of people each year in the country, and for the time being 5.5 million people have diabetes, while about half of them are unaware of the disease. In fact, diabetes is the silent disease of the century, and unfortunately the growing trend of people especially the youth who consume fast-food, is the most important cause of diabetes which increases the statistics of the related patients. Moreover, it is forecasted that the number of diabetics in the next 20 years will increase by 50 percent. However, using a simple periodically blood glucose test can make us aware of this disease in order to begin the treatment as fast as possible.
  • c.Monitoring Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure is the most common cause of stroke and the third cause of death after cancer and heart disease in Iran which its incidence probability is increased after age of 50. Each of MCI's subscribers can measure their blood pressure, heartbeat rate, body-temperature and glucose levels by their tools of MCI's m-Health package, and sent by SMS to "MCI's m-Health Services", and thus constantly monitored by the expert system and judged by the physician residing in the m-Health call center. The histogram, curve or trend sketch of the changes in blood pressure, blood sugar and heartbeat rate are sketched and displayed to the physician, your doctor gets the information and analyze your health situation, and finally informs you with your blood pressure changes and if necessary, before the onset of symptoms, provides you with the necessary instructions. These instructions which will be texted to your cell phone or any other cell phone number provided by you, including the following actions:
    • Calling up the physician's office.
    • Sending exercise instructions.
    • Sending dietary instructions.
    • Provide new prescription: new medicine.
    • Provide new prescription: new dosage of medicines.

Attitude of "MCI's m-Health Services", is companioning the physicians with people to aware them from their health status.

Health can be considered as a closed loop containing a number of interrelated chains. And it is not logical for the individuals decide to see a physician, only in the case of illness, when pain or fever flourished, or any other symptoms and complications observed, then expect the physician to start the treatment based on the clinical symptoms. In fact the starting point in such mentioned health loop should not be considered as pain which ends up with treatment, in other words it should not treat the body like we generally treat with our cars, meaning that we do not take it to the mechanic technician regularly, unless it starts to make any unusual noise.

Considering the culture governed by the mobile health care, for prevention from disease, the physician has to be considered not as the final member of the health chain, instead, the physician is considered as the first member of the chain, that has to be informed of our health status and the last one that we see him carrying pains.

In "MCI's m-Health Services" attitude, all our concern is to have MCI's technology at our subscriber's disposal and changing their health lifestyle and concept of health care. We have abstracted this as companioning the physicians with people to aware them from their health status.

Think about your health and take MCI at your disposal for your health care

It is time to think about the continuity and maintenance of your health

Nowadays, elderly people with blood sugar and blood pressure testing tools are checking these parameters every day at home via test results. However, considering the growth and increasing rate of premature deaths/mortality in our country and the intensity of the sedentary lifestyle, it is reasonable when the middle-aged as well as the young people have to be guided toward checking and monitoring their vital critical parameters, permanently.

"MCI's m-Health Services" acquires you not throw away such mentioned test results and instead, using the MCI's short messaging service, send them to the health database and let your doctor be informed of your health status, and with facilities that health care system provides, you and your physician, have the confidence that your health is important and you are under permanent care of your physician, so in the case of any abnormal changes in your health status, your physician would be the first one who becomes alert, assist and instructing you first of all, not the last one alert, after being painful from the complications.

"MCI's m-Health Services" intrinsically is an interactive IT-M2M hybrid system and provides a highly developed and pervasive vision which can be more developed and enhanced by the support and trust of you, learned subscribers of MCI. To be healthy is your right, as it is considered as a welfare factor of the community. So, right now, sign up and become one of the members of "MCI's m-Health Services".

Operation of the system is very transparent with a low cost, and within this system, your health can be monitored under the instruction of the supportive physicians or practitioners of the call center, or by your own physicians.

The impact of information technology and telemedicine solutions in reducing the death/ mortality is incredible.

Since today, your mobile phone is a sentry for your health, then do not miss out more.

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