MCI with the broadest network coverage in Iran, in addition to its current offered services, provides enterprises with services such as "Mass SMS Sending" for the purposes of informing, advertising and etc.

MCI provides enterprises with a "Panel" for sending SMSs. Enterprises can charge the "Panel" and then utilize it for "Mass SMS Sending" to their employees. In order to charge the Panel, the enterprise itself or its authorized agent should call MCI and purchase the required amount of SMS, then the customer's Panel will be charged according to the purchased amount.

Benefits & Applications:
  • Providing the possibility of separating phone numbers according to enterprise's need in order to send mass SMS to its employees.
  • Providing enterprises with Phone Book (only work numbers of employees).
  • Supporting Persian and English SMSs.
  • Providing a "Reminder Service" (Reminding important events and meetings to group of employees or individuals).
  • Providing "Sending Messages in Future" (Sending messages according to a time schedule without any limit).
  • Receiving reports of all sent messages based on users or texts.
  • Providing a Data Base for saving all sent/received messages details.
  • Possibility of running competition and surveys.
  • Possibility of defining automatic response and calling web pages (sent only to the phone book).
  • Being connected to web services.
  • Sending SMS and email to system users in different levels.
  • Prevention of sending repetitive/duplicated messages.
  • Possibility of defining technical problem tickets and resolving the issue.
  • Possibility of defining default text messages.
Conditions of SMS Box sales:

SMS box will only be provided for enterprise customers (B2B).